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The screws on the frame of the water tank are the same as the screws on the front nacelle cover. They are very sturdy and durable. Under normal circumstances, this screw will not be dismantled. If you buy a used car, you will find the frame on the water tank. The screws have been dismantled, which means that the water tank and condenser parts in the front of the vehicle have been replaced, and it also indirectly reflects that the car is likely to have a rear-end collision or a serious impact on the front of the car. .

All in all, when buying a used car, we must not only look at the appearance of the vehicle, because these can be changed, and of course, do not easily believe what the car dealer said, because they are not able to take the live situation of the vehicle for the benefit of the vehicle. Ten tells you, if you really don't understand the car, you can find a professional person to help you with your advice.

Buying second-hand must look at these 3 screws, only found to be removed, basically the accident car. The above is a small summary of my experience in buying used cars, I hope to help you when buying used cars.

Screws, wrenches, tape measures, and other small and inconspicuous tools don't seem to matter, but we always have to tinker when we are in life. At this time, the importance of these gadgets is reflected, so at home. It is necessary to prepare a set of household tools. In recent years, household tool kits have also quietly come to people, and today we will talk about the things of household kits.

Household tool kits are tools that are often used in life and work, and are placed in the same package according to certain specifications. For manufacturers, this sales model can increase sales and achieve greater profits. For consumers, the sales model of household tool kits can avoid the troubles of purchasing, and do not need to worry about picking combinations. From this perspective For example, the home kit is a lazy gospel. And buying a home kit is equivalent to bulk purchases, and this group buying model can also save some money.
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